Health insurance

Health insurance is an insurance product that provides financial security to the parties when the insurance holder is experiencing health problems due to illness or accident. That is, the benefits to policyholders that is, that the costs associated with health such as hospital costs, physician costs, drug costs, and even the operating costs will be borne by the insurance company, and adapted to the contents of the agreement contained in the policy. Reread the terms and conditions agreed with the insurance company in the agreement. Furthermore, some health insurance benefits are often used among other benefits of outpatient, inpatient benefits and dental benefits (conditional). Generally, outpatient benefits are covered by insurance companies, among others, costs for medical consultations with general practitioners and specialists, the cost of drugs in accordance with the prescription, the cost of preventive measures and others. As for hospitalization benefits, costs covered by insurance companies cover the cost of hospital, laboratory costs, costs of emergency services, and include the cost of labor. While the dental benefits usually include basic dental care costs and complex installation costs of dentures.