Benefits of Reflexology

Relaxation benefits directly felt when it also makes Reflexology as a requirement no longer desire. reflexology is often seen by some as self-indulgence and relieving fatigue and tired after a day of activities Benefits reflection perceived not only by the body but also the mind and emotions, so often people who reflected asleep because diraasakan relaxation effect by the body, and the body is able to stimulate healing of self and increase immunity to various diseases. Dependence on drugs painkillers make reflections as an alternative solution, because the blood circulation becomes clogged or obstructed smoothly and gradually improved. Benefits of reflection that so many in the health healing so that the reflection is used as a companion to modern medicine (Doctor), due to a more modern treatment touching "the organ" directly through either through medication or surgery. whereas the benefits of reflection meyentuh "outside the body" through the reflection point to the blood circulation, which indirectly address the illness or disease that attacks the body's potential. Because of the difference in approach between the doctor and therapist reflection makes the results of different diagnoses. Holistic approaches that mengdiagnosis Berpijakan balance in the body, which then revive the ability of organs to overcome the perceived imbalance. Therefore, the benefits of relaxation obtained from reflexology has a myriad of benefits, either directly or indirectly.