Many organs

An organ is not one but several organs, each tonally complete with its own keyboard. The Auckland Town Hall organ has five organs, commonly called divisions.
Each division contains many ranks of pipes. These are listed in the stoplist or specification.

Great Organ

This is the big-toned main division.

Swell Organ

Here, the pipes of a number of choruses  and  tone colours  are enclosed in a room-sized swell box which has shutters that are opened and closed by a foot pedal to swell and diminish the sound.

Choir Organ

A quieter version of the Great and Swell with pipes in a swell box.

Solo Organ

The main location of the solo and orchestral sounds which are also enclosed in a swell box.
Standing outside the box are the organ's loudest trumpet pipes, sometimes referred to as the Bombard division for obvious reasons!

Pedal Organ

Played by the feet, this organ has the large seat-shaking pipes as well as complete choruses to provide a bass line or a melody. biggest0901_sm